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Ming Gao

SVP, Research & Development

Dr. Ming Gao received his Ph. D. degree from Prof. Alissa Park's group at Columbia University in 2018. His doctoral research was focused on combined carbon capture and conversion using nanoparticle organic hybrid materials (NOHMs). Meanwhile, he was also well trained in electrochemistry during his undergraduate research on cathode materials and electrolytes of lithium ion batteries.


Dr. Gao was the chair for the very first GRS-CCUS conference in 2017, and was selected as the first chair of the student chapter of Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy to promote interdisciplinary communication and cooperation. Dr. Gao also received the Oscar and Verna Byron Fellowship at Columbia University in 2018.


Prior to joining Greenore, Dr. Gao was the Investment Vice Director at Country Garden Group, where he gained profound and extensive experience in corporate management, economical assessment, and commercialization strategies. Dr. Gao will start leading the R&D department from carbon capture, carbon utilization to lithium battery recycle from Q2 2022.

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