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About Us


Greenore US spun off from Columbia Engineering in 2016. Greenore Shanghai base has started its operation since 2017 which launched a JV with China Baotou Steel (Group) in 2018. 


Greenore has been one of the world’s leading companies bringing the lab CCUS technology to the market. Greenore targets not only the carbon but how to deliver integrated and cost-effective solutions for other environmental problems as well.


  • Carbon Mineralization

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  • Biomass to H2 & DRI

  • Li-Battery Recycle



  • Disruptive Waste and Carbon Solution


Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. It is released into the atmosphere by power generation, industrial production, transportation, etc. Greenore has core strength in carbon capture and utilization. Our primary technology implementation focuses on utilizing slag, carbon dioxide and waste steam through a chemical process to produce products such as filler for paper, paint, plastics, rubber, etc. Our vision is to close the loop by capturing and sequestering greenhouse gas emissions with valuable utilizations and assist transitioning conventional industrial plants to a whole new green supply chain.

  • Lab to Market

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