Unconventional Resources Revolution

Greenore turns challenges of industrial solid waste and carbon emission into opportunities galore.


A Spin-off Start-up from Columbia Engineering

Co-founder, Xiaozhou Sean Zhou, was one of the six postdoctoral fellows selected for the first cohort of TFP in 2015. He launched the startup, GreenOre CleanTech LLC (New York), with his PhD.advisor, Alissa Park, and Columbia Technology Ventures (CTV) in the summer of 2016.


Greenore provides greenhouse gas reduction and solid waste treatment solutions for steel plants, power plants and coal chemical plants. In the meantime, Greenore also addresses waste water treatment for associated chemical processes. Greenore services include test & demonstration based consulting service in early-stage, EPCM (engineering, procurement, construction and management) and cloud service during the full life cycle of the project deployment.



Greenore team has core strength in solid waste recycling for the steel company. It is realized via a completely unconventional pathway via carbonation while reducing and utilizing the carbon emission of steel mills. We provide full-spectrum services for our clients from the analysis, project construction, production, and plant maintenance enhanced by cloud-service.

Upon receiving solid waste samples from our client, Greenore will conduct a comprehensive test and analysis from batch to pilot. A full engineering proposal package can also be provided based on screened samples using proven process. Corresponding technical and economical consultancy will be offered throughout the whole preliminary stages. 

We will provide professional engineering services embedded with the tailor-made waste and carbon solutions in selected areas of core process design, procurement and project management.

We will provide new plant testing & commissioning, operation & maintenance of the core process, and cloud service for quality control and process optimization.



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GREENORE Global R&D Center in Shanghai will be online in Q3 2020. 



JUNE  2019

GreenOre CleanTech signed a MOU with JCOAL to launch the joint project “Carbon Capture and Utilization and Carbon Recycling Process Development"at the Wyoming Intergrated Test Center.

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A slag carbonation pilot plant owned by the JV between GreenOre and Baotou Steel (Group) has been commissioned 2019 spring, which is also the 1st industrial prototype of its kind in the world. A scale-up commercial plant will be launched Q4 2019.